No “One-size-fits-all” Answer to TBIs

Matthew Peters recently published an article describing the need for individualized treatment of TBIs. Peters emphasized that the older adult population is prone to longer hospitalizations and increased complications following mild TBIs compared to younger patients. He noted that the number of reported TBIs in older adults has risen by 61% in 2009-2010 from prior years. In particular, the Glasgow Coma Scale, generally used to diagnose TBIs and predict morbidity and mortality, needs to be modified or a new method of measurement created that will more accurately work for older adults and patients with mild TBIs.

(Peters, M. E. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) in older adults: Aging with a TBI versus incident TBI in the aged (2016). International Psychogeriatric Association, 28:12, 1931-1934.

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